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Solid Wood Kitchens

All of the English solid wood kitchens that we create start with the source.  What we mean by this is that all of our bespoke solid wood kitchens start with the “tree”.  Bespoke Kitchen Timber DryingWe don’t just buy in timber from anywhere, we selectively pick the best quality timber that is available from local woodland owners.  We deal with the wood owners directly, many of these being farmers.

This gives us the opportunity to find some very interesting and good quality wood.  Once we have found the ideal tree that meets our requirements we arrange for it to be collected and delivered to the mill where they will cut the tree to our exact specifications. From here the wood is treated and then stored until it has dried.  The whole process can take up to twelve months.  We have a large stock holding of different woods so that we can start projects for a new client promptly.

By managing the whole process we can guarantee that there is the minimum amount of wastage which is better for the environment and our clients.  Most people do not realise that the timber used to make their kitchen comes from a foreign country and is shipped in. There is a huge saving in energy using local timber it is the most eco-friendly source. The final result is that we have the pleasure of creating bespoke solid wood kitchens from some of the most interesting and beautiful looking English hardwoods available in the country.

We have a variety of interesting English timbers in stock, some which are rare and highly sought after; including Macrocarpa a type of Cypress,  we also have English Sycamore, English Ash and English Oak and are constantly sourcing other varieties for your bespoke kitchen or furniture. We also supply old pine kitchens and furniture and a range of painted furniture with many different paint effects.

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