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About us

pic2pic1Burgoyne Kitchens was established in 1982 by Andrew Burgoyne.  His inspiration for learning the traditional techniques which he uses today come from his childhood.  When he was a small boy he can remember visiting his father’s workshops where craftsmen used traditional wood building techniques to make wooden carts, wheels and truck bodies.  He was determined to use the same tools and techniques himself later in life.

Burgoyne kitchens are very passionate about building bespoke kitchens using traditional techniques such as dovetail joints and mortise and tenon construction.  These handmade techniques have been used by craftsmen’s successfully for over 600 years and we believe that it is still the best technique today.  Machines struggle to copy these techniques but they are labour intensive and require highly skilled labour this is why many mass-produced kitchens no longer use these methods of joining wood or building drawers.

Andrew has created many beautiful kitchens which have been installed all over the country.  He has worked with individuals and interior designers to help make people’s dreams come true. 


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