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A Truly Bespoke kitchen

We specialise in designing and making a limited edition of handcrafted bespoke kitchens using  mostly English hardwoods and the traditional techniques of furniture making.

Everything that we make is unique and made to measure. Each kitchen is designed around the space provided and the client’s requirements. We tailor everything to the needs of each person. Each kitchen reflects the personality of our client and the timber chosen. We source our timber direct from the area we work in which gives us access to some truly interesting wood. We design, build, supply and fit the whole kitchen. If you want a truly bespoke kitchen then we are a company that you should consider contacting to discuss your requirements further.

Welcome to Burgoyne Kitchens

Many people dream of having a bespoke kitchen designed specifically for them but imagine that it will cost more than their budget.  This isn’t necessarily true.  Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they receive our quotation. We believe that we offer

value for money. We make truly original solid wood kitchens. We do not have standard units, all kitchens are designed to fit the spaces provided, to look interesting to the eye and to fulfil the various functions required. We design and build around the needs of each individual client. For that reason we do not have brochures. We have a range of timbers that we have sourced from within the UK that we have kiln dried that have unique characteristics. We start with the tree and then design our handmade kitchens with the timber’s characteristics in mind.

Each bespoke kitchen is designed around the space that is available and the needs of each client and the various needs that the kitchen is required to fulfil.

Please look through our site and check out some of the examples shown. There is little that we cannot make. We have examples of carved dressers, court cupboards, sideboards and bedroom furniture.  We have included island units with inlaid beadings and marketry. We have also included freestanding pieces with veneered decorative panels.

Normally we meet with each client and bring further samples of doors and wood types to further illustrate the range of designs that are possible and to discuss your own unique ideas.

If you are thinking of having a new bespoke kitchen, bedroom or office furniture that needs that special touch that needs to be bespoke, contact us and we would be happy to advise you and quote for your needs. We believe that quality does not need to cost the earth. We  are happy to supply old pine kitchens and also painted kitchens. We still use the traditional techniques for making drawers, using hand -cut dovetails, and we use full mortice and tennon construction on the doors. This means that our furniture is built to last. Please call for further details.

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