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Following is a range of truly bespoke furniture, designed and hand-crafted to suit the more discerning client.

English Ash Kitchen

This is an example of an English white Ash kitchen. It was built with some traditional features that you don’t see often, such as the inset doors, with cock-beading around the door frames.

The drawers are mostly made with hand-cut dovetails.


The exquisite grain of ash and its warmth of colour adds a beauty that paint finishes will never equal. All items are truly bespoke and designed for a perfect harmony of function and aesthetic appeal.


This is a range of dressers of different designs and timbers.

These images are just a taster of aspects of our work. Full size images are available.

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The oak furniture above is English Oak. We have use what is referred to as Cat’s Paw Oak, and extremely rare form of Oak. It is called Cat’s Paw because the oak has numerous imperfections resembling knots just as though a cat walked across the timber with ink on its toes. An exquisite look for in this case what we refer to as a court cupboard. It was designed for a large period farmhouse in Devon.

English Cherry Kitchen

Following are a few images of a modest kitchen made of English Cherry.

It was designed for a small country cottage.. The carvings on the extractor hood were inspired by traditional harvest images.

The sink drainer is made of Teak, made to last.

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